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NSP O² Cruiser Windsurf FS Package

NSP O² Cruiser Windsurf FS Package


Our newly designed Cruiser Windsurf FS is a multi-faceted board designed to get you cruising or exploring on the flat days or when the wind kicks up, add your windsurf rig and enjoy the feeling of navigating your local spot, using the wind instead of your paddle.

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Cruiser Windsurfer FS construction diagram

• Integrated mast mount to secure your rig (windsurf equipment not included)
• Windsurf center fin box for sub-planning conditions
• Rounded square tail for increased stability
• Double-layer rail construction with double sealing rail band
• Fusion-reinforced double-layer glueless pre-lamination
• 6 inch dropstich in the 10’0’’ for better stiffness and more float
• GoPro® camera mount
• 2x D-rings for shoulder carry straps
• D-rings on nose, deck and bottom – nose ring for tying off or towing, tail D-ring for leash
• Thermoformed EVA deck pad for extra grip and durability compared to standard EVA
• Kicktail pad
• 4 point cargo straps to carry extra gear
• Neoprene carry handle
• 1 x 9” Dolphin center fin + 1 x Dolphin 10” daggerboard fin
• Double action pump
• Premium dual compartment backpack with wheels

Cruiser Windsurf vs Cruiser FS

The Cruiser Windsurf has an additional fin box for the 10″ daggerboard, improved the upwind capabilities of your Cruiser Windsurf. The mast mount makes it possible to attach a standard mastfoot to your inflatable, turning it into a legit windsurf cruiser.

For breezy days, the ability to sail all over our local spot really widens the conditions for your inflatable. And with 288 liters of volume, this setup will accommodate a passenger as well, provided he/she doesn’t move around too much as you keep an eye on the horizon.


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